Certified Federal Surveyor (CFedS)

With considerable experience working in the Public Land Survey System, Mr. Austin was selected as one of the “Beta Test Group” of the Certified Federal Surveyor (CFedS) program and was awarded certificate no. 1012 upon successful completion of the program in May of 2007.

The primary purpose of the CFedS Program is to provide American Indian and Alaska Native landowners, tribes, BIA and federal agencies administering lands adjoining Indian lands with a roster of qualified surveyors, specifically trained to provide boundary services in Indian country.

The initial goal of the CFedS Program is to assure that all cadastral services executed in Indian country are performed in accordance with BLM standards. The long-term goal is for all boundary surveys to be accomplished under the direction and control of the appropriate BLM State Office Cadastral Chief (Cadastral Chief). The CFedS Program will provide an additional method for accomplishing cadastral services involving Indian trust assets.

The object of the certification program is to satisfy the Secretary’s trust responsibilities involving Indian trust assets as identified in the Fiduciary Trust Model.

A CFedS can perform a wide range of cadastral services. These services may include:

• Federal Authority Surveys
• State Authority Surveys
• Administrative Surveys
• Land Description Reviews (LDR)
• Chain of Surveys (COS)
• Certificate of Inspection and Possessions (CIP)
• Boundary Assurance Certificates (BAC)
• Cadastral Geographic Information System (CGIS) Development & Maintenance
• Maintenance of the Public Land Survey System (PLSS)

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